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Being an app developer has become a very lucrative career. The reason for this lies in the fact that you get a chance to work on creating software while you can get paid quite a lot. Furthermore, mobile technologies are rapidly evolving, and there is an increasing global demand for high quality app developers.

Even though this all sounds awesome, becoming a high quality app developer requires a lot of time and dedication. It is necessary to take the right steps and be ready to always learn new things.

Luckily, there are plenty of online resources that are quite useful for both beginners and experienced developers. With the help of these resources, a developer can grow and ensure quick and quality app development.

If you are in dire need of developer resources, stay with us, as we go through several places that will help you become a better app coder.

A helpful community

Developer Community

Becoming a part of a community is extremely important in different lines of work. Working together with others is simply a better solution than trying to always work something out on your own. This is especially correct in the coding world.

No matter how advanced you are, consulting with others is necessary, as there are always going to be people who are more experienced than you in particular programming areas.

This is why StackOverflow is so popular. It is one of the best websites for acquiring information you are interested in. Once you are registered, you can get in contact with millions of developers across the globe. This makes this website one of the best online resources for solving coding challenges, as fellow colleagues are always ready to give you a hand.

Therefore, when you run into an issue that you cannot possibly solve, this website should be your go-to place.

Another very popular website will help you become part of a community and meet those who are in the same boat with you is Reddit. It is a perfect option for those who want to meet other developers and get in contact with them to work together on projects or simply to share knowledge and experiences. There are several different iOS and Android communities; simply join the site and start searching for communities that are important to you. Here are a couple of examples.

You can also stop by Github, a place where you can gain access to numerous open source projects and collaborate easily with your colleagues.

Now, let’s move onto other resources that you are going to find helpful.

Latest news about updates and the future

Android app development

Even though becoming a part of community is important, people are not going to help if you ask basic questions that you can easily find the answer to. This is why it is important to follow official resources that will help you not only understand and use new features, but create the app architecture the way it was intended by the operating system developers.

Android developers – This is a great resource for all those who want to quickly develop a quality app. Besides the latest news in the Android world, you can find a blog rich with a wide array of tutorials that can greatly help you with the next Android project you are working on.

iOS developers – If you are working with iOS app development, this is a must follow resource. There is plenty of information that will help you become a better iOS developer.

● Medium – This is a great platform that is going to let you learn new things from gurus in the Android and iOS development world. There are plenty of prominent developers who share their knowledge on this blogging network. You can take a look at the iOS Development section and find some useful materials. The same goes for the Android development section. This way, you can start following some big names in the industry and learn a thing or two.

● Podcasts – If you find yourself constantly commuting or you simply love learning via audio input, you can always turn to podcasts. Fragmented is a great podcast for Android developers, whereas those belonging to the iOS ecosystem, Build Phase is a great option. With some Google research, you will be able to easily find other podcasts.

By following these resources, you will be able to stay up to date with the latest trends regarding both of these platforms.

Course Materials

Development course materials

There is always room to make progress when it comes to your coding skills. All of the above mentioned resources are free, but to go a step further, it is necessary to invest in courses. Here are a couple of websites that offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Udemy – This is a great platform that will allow you to learn from the best teachers from around the world. Additionally, the platform supports LinkedIn integration, so, besides learning new things for yourself, your online CV will get automatically updated.
  • Coursera – This is a great learning platform. It is serious because all courses are coming from Universities from around the world. No matter what level of expertise you have, you will find these courses quite useful. If you decide to master a particular skill, you will get certification at the end of your courses.
  • Khan Academy – Another great place where you can enroll in courses and step up your level of coding knowledge.

These are the three most popular options, but you can find plenty other online learning platforms that might offer just the right course for you.

Remember that Google is your number one friend. By using it the right way, you can practically find any valuable resource. Also, stop by our website, where you will be able to find a variety of Android and iOS libraries that can help you with your projects.

Relying on these resources is going to allow you to more easily tackle your future app coding projects. These resources will ensure quick and quality app development, helping you continuously grow as a developer.

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