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Developer Community Creating Free Software for Public Use


  Ever since the start, there was a significant part of developer community creating free software for anyone to use. Even on closed platforms such as Apple, or paid OS, like Windows for instance, there are many free software tools for public use. In this article, we are going to bring the very definition of free software closer to you and then we are going to give you some examples of this...

Helpful Developer Resources to Ensure Quick and Quality App Development


Being an app developer has become a very lucrative career. The reason for this lies in the fact that you get a chance to work on creating software while you can get paid quite a lot. Furthermore, mobile technologies are rapidly evolving, and there is an increasing global demand for high quality app developers. Even though this all sounds awesome, becoming a high quality app developer requires a...

Beta launch of Incredible code


This week saw the beta launch of Incredible Code. A community driven, curated list of awesome software libraries. A passion project of Rob Pope who is frustrated at not being easily find categorized mobile development libraries. The site is still work in progress as the team updates the layout and adds and imports libraries. The site is designed to be very clean and simple and the hard work is...