Beta launch of Incredible code


This week saw the beta launch of Incredible Code. A community driven, curated list of awesome software libraries. A passion project of Rob Pope who is frustrated at not being easily find categorized mobile development libraries. The site is still work in progress as the team updates the layout and adds and imports libraries. The site is designed to be very clean and simple and the hard work is done in the background. We rate the libraries based on repository and community ratings, and then check to make sure the libraries are being maintained. Any library without an update in 6 months get cosigned to the code bin. Checks are made daily.

So far the team has been focusing on mainĀ IOS libraries but Android libraries will follow shortly.

A sister site ‘’ will be launched shortly to provide security tools in a similar easy to find format.

If anyone has any ideas on improving the site then we’d love to hear from you.

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